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Love for Pencil

Lactacyd FEM
Health & Fitness

Some great news - we’re consolidating the numbers and saw that the <span class="is-purple">@Pencil</span> ads have generated great results!


I am truthfully blown away by what <span class="is-purple">@Pencil</span> put together with such a short turn around. WOW. You rock. I have a small amount of feedback but these are an INCREDIBLE start.


<span class="is-purple">@Pencil</span> has been an absolute rockstar. Really appreciate what you have done... will be testing the creatives this week.

Community Fibre

I am a big fan...I particularly like that the team has tried a different angle with the tagline.

Health & Fitness

We have seen awesome conversions on this set of promo ads we’ve been running. We’d love to get another set!

Health & Fitness

I absolutely love the four ads - I'm downloading them now so I can show them to our brand manager for usage. Thank you so much!


It’s great to see the videos you’ve generated for us because some look better than the ones we’ve generated ourselves.

Lyka Pet Food
Pet Food

<span class="is-purple">@Pencil</span> has been a game changer for us. It’s helped us generate some of our best ever Facebook creative. The team kicks ass too.