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Angela Caglia: Standing Out in a Crowd

Angela Caglia offers the world's most advanced anti-aging biotech skincare, beauty tools & LED masks. Facialist and Master Esthetician Angela Caglia came up with the clinical skincare line in response to the reactive skin and damaged lipid barriers she saw among her A-list clients.

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In the sprawling landscape of beauty, Angela Caglia faced the monumental challenge of breaking through a cluttered industry. 

The brand's mission was to redefine beauty routines by introducing high-quality, luxurious skincare products based on science. The beauty market, however, is teeming with a continuous influx of new products. Angela Caglia needed to differentiate themselves with a strategy that would allow them to convey the differences in their products in short ad formats.


Pencil AI became Angela Caglia’s canvas for experimentation, enabling them to test various ad iterations and seek audience feedback on different aspects of their skincare products. Pencil makes it easy to test and tweak creatives at lightning speed - and Angela Caglia ended up testing 177 creatives before they found ones that cut through the noise. Using Pencil to find high-performing ads swiftly saves time, money and a ton of faff.

Rob Carliner (co-founder, Angela Caglia) put it this way: “Pencil eliminates the guesswork in making winning ad creatives. The interface is easy, the results impressive. Lots of companies claim to have built a better mousetrap - Pencil has actually done it!”


Angela Caglia tested 177 diverse ad creatives. The rigorous testing phase saw a 25% average CPA drop, with the best performing ads dropping CPA by 84%. Quickly finding those ads that resonate especially well allows you to optimise without wasting your resources.

In the fiercely competitive beauty landscape, Angela Caglia was able to carve out a distinctive identity with creatives that spoke to their users.

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