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Lover App: The Platform Rules of Engagement

Lover App is a personalised, science-based app for addressing sexual concerns, increasing pleasure and generally having a better time in bed.

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Lover App is on a mission to improve your life when it comes to all things related to sex. But breaking the taboos around sexual health and happiness isn’t easy - especially when faced with stringent advertising guidelines and social media platform restrictions. Lover App needed to effectively market their platform without violating rules or compromising their message. The challenge lay in delicately navigating these constraints while authentically connecting with their audience to promote healthy relationships and connections.


Understanding the nuances of marketing sensitive topics, Lover App turned to Pencil for creative solutions to their conundrum. Pencil’s AI helped Lover App subtly adjust copy to comply with platform regulations without diluting their message. The team were able to find words, phrases and visuals that resonated positively with audiences while respecting platform rules. Pencil’s editing features allowed for swift adjustments to the ad content, ensuring compliance while maintaining the essence of the app's mission to foster meaningful relationships.


Lover App successfully navigated the maze of marketing sensitive topics: they fine-tuned ad copy to not only comply with platform regulations but also to speak to their audience in more impactful ways. The team tested 26 ads and saw a 13% CPA drop, with their best performing ads dropping CPA by 24%.

Nick Pendle, Co-Founder and CMO at Lover App, said “For the first time, we have more ad ideas than we can even test! It’s been great to finally unlock creative scale”.
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