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Bravo Sierra: Doubling ROAS

Bravo Sierra is the only personal care company built with, and for the US military service. All Bravo Sierra products are field tested by active duty military personnel to ensure they provide the most dependable solution for all environments.

New York, USA
Business size
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The Challenge

Bravo Sierra, a small but dynamic team of 30 employees, found themselves facing the common struggle of scaling their ad generation. As they rapidly expanded, they realised that their manual creative process was no longer sustainable. With limited bandwidth and a growing need for creative output, they sought a solution to streamline their ad creation process and maintain their business growth momentum. 

The Creative

Bravo Sierra realised that not having enough creatives could hurt their businesses growth, but with limited resources they turned to Pencil. Their creative process was taking days, and they wanted to be able generate ideas in seconds:

"It used to take us 3 days to complete ideas, and now we create ideas in minutes."

Generating ad copy that cuts through the barrage of social media noise is a daunting task for any marketing team. Bravo Sierra used Pencil to create compelling lines that resonated with their customer base. As the team said:

"As a marketer you can become too myopic, AI can bring a lot of personality into copywriting.”

Pencil eradicates the inherent bias often found in performance marketers and creatives, ensuring that all decisions are driven by data rather than subjective judgment. This shift towards data-driven decision-making allowed Bravo Sierra to unlock additional bandwidth within their marketing team, enabling them to focus on strategic business initiatives rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae of ad creation and campaign management. 

The Result 

Bravo Sierra experienced increased efficiency, improved ad performance, and enhanced brand visibility, paving the way for their continued growth and success in a competitive market. By using Pencil, they saved five hours per week, $5000 per month, and doubled their ROAS.

Enterprise Features
Brand safety and AI controls
AI Magic Tools
Enterprise-friendly terms.
Professional-grade editor
Direct platform integrations
Data ringfencing & “No Train” policy
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