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Amber Electric: Simplifying a Complex Product

Amber Electric is an energy provider with a mission to shift Australia to 100% renewables.

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Amber Electric is an advocate for a greener future, pushing Australia to go beyond offsets and switch to renewables. Their product is laden with technical intricacies, making it challenging to communicate Amber’s true value in a short ad. From its dynamic power pricing model to its smart tech, Amber needed to find the best way to get potential customers excited about their product.

As a startup, Amber had limited access to creative resources. Instead, they used Pencil’s AI to generate creatives and ad variations that made their complex product more accessible and comprehensible to a wider audience.


Amber Electric used Pencil’s AI to demystify their technical energy solutions with clear language, as well as generating new assets and expanding their overall advertising output. With Pencil AI's, they were able to break down a complex and technical product into easily digestible ad content. 


The team tested 35 ad variations using Pencil AI's insights tool, and saw a 22% drop in CPA, with certain ads showing a 24% decrease in CPA.

Amber Electric's journey with Pencil AI demonstrates the pivotal role of AI-driven ad creation in simplifying complex concepts and enhancing communication. As Adrian Winther (Performance Market Manager at Amber) put it: “As a startup with limited access to creative agencies or teams, Pencil has unlocked the ability for us to keep pushing out new assets. The team is also incredibly supportive!”
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