machine creativity, everywhere, sustainably

We believe AI creativity, done right, can be good for the world and great for creatives.

Will Hanschell

Co-Founder & CEO

Engineer turned management consultant with 10 years in creative agencies delivering data-driven marketing initiatives across Europe and Asia.

Sumukh Avadhani

Co-Founder & CTO

11 years experience as a machine learning specialist at Google, Samsung and Toshiba with a focus on deep learning and computer vision.

Jacq Lin-Ariel

Customer Success Lead

Diverse expertise across creative, media and advertising. Inspired by  innovation + technology, and enjoys exploring cultures though food, music, and conversation.

Shem Leong

Senior Software Engineer

Willing to do whatever it takes to keep complex AI infrastructure running in production, at scale. Rarely sleeps but always looks strangely fresh.

Katie Foister

General Manager (UK)

Lots of experience launching new tech in media & retail. Loves organised chaos. Can often be found on the beach, drinking cider or eating cheese.

Pierre Karpov

Software Engineer

Passionate about building things from the ground up. Spends most of his leisure time swing dancing or rewatching Friends for the nth time.

Evangeline Cheng

Software Engineer

Recently born again as a software engineer after studying mathematics. Sees engineering as a way to solve problems, not just to write code.

Juliette Suvitha

Creative Lead

A Lasalle Graphic Design graduate with a career spanning across advertising, e-commerce, tech and now AI. It has never been a boring journey...

Divish Dayal

Software Engineer (AI)

Machine Learning specialist with focus on Applied NLP Research in Marketing. Likes to dream about advancing AI and pushing the boundaries of engineering.

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