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Made by AI, loved by humans

We called our company Pencil because we believed - way back in 2018 - that AI should be a tool for creative people, and not a replacement. We also believe that AI will be as fundamental a tool in the future as the pencil was in the past.

We try to live up to these ideas in everything we build. This means establishing a balance between the role of people and the role of technology in the creative processes of the future. And it means ensuring we're moving towards a world where creativity is more effortless and accessible, more fun and rewarding, and more valuable and impactful than ever before.

“As someone who believes in a growth mindset, culture was very important to me in choosing my place of employment. Pencil embraces this mindset and has encouraged me to grow both personally and professionally always in all ways. I genuinely look forward to going to work each day and collaborating with my teammates.”

Brandon Earnest
Account Executive - Denver, United States

Life at Pencil

Two things define what life at Pencil is like.

The first is that we're a creative company founded by engineers - so our culture is a mixture of creative and engineering cultures. We believe in ideas and execution. In weirdness and structure. In people and technology.

The second is that we're a globally remote company - so you're likely to encounter a wide variety of people at Pencil. People who care deeply about our work, but also about enjoying their lives outside of work.

Perks & Benefits

Remote First

We believe in the balance and diversity that remote work brings. We look for the best people everywhere in the world.

Home Office Setup

We offer global coworking access as well as equipment to ensure remote work is comfortable and productive.

Self Improvement Stipend

Everyone has access to a monthly stipend to invest in their own fitness, learning, travel or enjoyment.

Competitive Compensation

We believe in top percentile pay for top percentile people, and have a track record of progression into leadership.

Flexible Holiday Time

In addition to statutory leave, we offer open-ended leave as long as it doesn't negatively impact your team.


We ensure that everyone at Pencil everywhere in the world has access to high quality local health cover.