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Buckleband: Big ambitions, short ads

Buckleband created the world's first premium resistance band equipped with a buckle.

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As a startup with a novel product, Buckleband faced a challenge when it came to succinctly explaining their product within the confines of a short ad. The Buckleband is a new and unusual product, and requires a bit of explanation. Considering the product’s novelty, the team weren’t sure that people would instantly recognise its distinctive features, or its usefulness. They needed to find the best way to convey its functionality in a short ad, by testing creatives and gathering feedback.


Pencil’s platform provided a playground for experimentation, allowing the brand to test 68 diverse ad variations. Through this iterative process, Buckleband sought feedback on how different aspects of the product were perceived by the audience. Leveraging Pencil’s insights tool, the team were able to identify the features and messaging that resonated most effectively with their target audience.


Testing 68 different ad versions allowed the brand to gather substantial feedback on audience perceptions and responses to various aspects of their innovative product. Using this comprehensive approach led to a 48% average drop CPA, with their best ads showing a 67% decrease in CPA.

Adam Low, Buckleband’s co-founder, said “Pencil allowed us to create robust ads and easily iterate on those that worked… an impressive product!”
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