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Bark: Tripling Revenue Per Click

Bark is a leading global service marketplace connecting millions of customers with skilled professionals across a diverse array of categories. From home services to event planning, Bark simplifies the process of finding trusted professionals, making it easier for users to get the job done.

London, UK
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The Challenge

With over 5 million customers in 8 countries worldwide, Bark needs a ton of paid media creative - but they only have a 2-person growth team. As the company grew, it became increasingly difficult for the growth team to achieve creative coverage across their channels.

They needed to create ads for a huge range of categories, advertising everything from personal trainers to accountants.

"We would be using a few tools, manually creating ads, exporting them, and manually reviewing each, for every single category we had” the team told us, “and we service 1,100 categories, so it's a lot."

The team at Bark needed a different approach to producing high volume and high-quality video ads. Without scaling creative to a high output, they would be severely limiting their ability to grow their paid channels and increase their overall marketshare.

The Creative

Bark joined forces with Pencil to start creating unlimited combinations of ads from their assets. They used Pencil to create copy, video, and static images and ultimately get the ads out of the door. Using one tool to take ads from start to finish saved the team time and money, and helped them keep up with the company’s growth.

Within minutes, the team was able to create specific niche ads ready to launch into paid channels.

"In the time it took us to make 3 or 4 ads manually, we can now get 20 done with Pencil."

The key advantage of Pencil lies in its predictive power based on all the ads you've ever run on Facebook. As you run your ads, Pencil’s algorithm is being continually trained on what ads are reonating with your specicic audience, and which are falling flat.

With only a 2-person team, Bark didn’t have the time to uncover which ads were winning or losing. As the team said, “I think it's taking the guesswork out of it, there are so many aspects that go into each creative...and Pencil is able to see faces, images, style, copy; and all these small elements. But doing this manually, you can’t dig into the data quickly or in as much detail."

The Result

Not only did Bark save a ton of time and money, they were able to scale their marketing to keep up with business growth. On top of that, they saw a 37% increase in CTR and a 3x improvement in revenue per click:

"We saw Pencil ads outperform our own ads in revenue per click ads by 3X...which is amazing, and in our most recent test, Pencil ads were doubling our revenue per click..and we were seeing these metrics across the board. In the overseas markets, our account average CTR was 0.8% and now with Pencil, its 1.1%"

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