Let's change advertising for the better

Pencil is AI that makes ads. We want to become the default way ads get made - because AI ads are 2x faster and cheaper to make, and 2x better performing, than making them without AI.

We are Pencil

Making creativity effective and effortless

Picking up a pencil used to be the best way to start coming up with ideas. It used to be the best way to create. Now, the best way to create is with the help of AI - that’s why we built Pencil AI’s platform.

Our platform isn’t going to replace human creativity - but it is going to make creatives far better at what they do. You can use Pencil AI to make ads twice as fast, while halving your costs and doubling your ad performance. And you’re never compromising on quality.

We’re on a mission to help people get the most out of their creativity, and to make ads that actually work. We think generative AI is the most effortless and effective way to do that.

Our core values

We're unexpected.

We go the extra mile to surprise and delight our users, both in what we build and how we interact with them.

We know AI is about people.

The technology we build should make people feel safe and in control. It should help them have fun during the creative process.

We test bravely.

We know that we don't know. We know that things change. So we are brave and try things. And we keep trying.

We are one team.

As a global remote company, we're different kinds of people working as one team. We always disagree and commit.

We simplify.

We never stop asking how we can make things simpler and easier. We always ask "what can we not do?"

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Join Pencil to change the way the world creates

AI is already changing the way we create. Now it’s time to help creatives get the most out of AI’s capabilities - from generating ideas and insights, to producing better assets, to doubling ad performance.

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