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Lyka: Marking Your Territory in the Crowded Dog Food Maket

Lyka is Australia’s healthiest dog food subscription. They put nutrition first, with customised meals to address canine allergies and stomach issues. Their food is even tested on humans - in their words: dog food should be real food.

Sydney, Australia
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“Pencil has been a game changer for us…it’s helped us generate some of our best ever Facebook creative. The team kicks ass too - check ‘em out!” - James Harding, Head of Growth, Lyka Pet Food


Lyka is all about changing the game when it comes to dog food. Their mission is to reshape the dog food industry, which has historically been built around a highly processed and unnatural diet.

Lyka flips the status quo and puts nutrition first. They wanted to appeal to people who care deeply about their pup’s health and happiness. But this meant changing consumer perceptions about dog food. In a market saturated with highly processed and unnatural dog food options, Lyka sought to disrupt the norm.

A new approach to feeding dogs meant finding new ways to position their product. They needed to rethink how to advertise dog food, with fresh angles and phrases that would resonate with potential customers.


Lyka knew that their approach to dog food was unconventional. The chances were their ads should be unconventional too. They used Pencil’s AI to generate insights about pet owners, which led them to creative angles that were unexpected, yet super effective. 

They found success with ads that focused on topics that are typically overlooked in traditional dog food marketing. Their success came from talking about things you wouldn’t think a buyer would care about. For instance, some of their best performing creatives focused on the flavour of the dog food, and on addressing flatulence issues (no more blaming the dog…).

Lyka was built on an ambitious mission, and Pencil helped them create ads that matched that ambition - creating the highest possible impact among consumers. With Pencil’s predictive analytics, Lyka were able to swiftly identify underperforming ads and redirect resources toward those resonating most with their target audience. 


Lyka tested 16 ads in total. There was a 15% avg. drop in CPA, and a 56% max. drop in CPA.

Lyka saw heightened engagement, improved ad performance, and found a more cost-effective advertising approach, solidifying their foothold in a competitive market segment while communicating their unique value proposition effectively.

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