Make ads with algos
Make ads with algos

Marketers, creators and innovators are exploring AI creativity

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generate ideas

Pitch anyone,
Pitch perfect

Use AI to generate enough creative, targeted language for the personalisation and lifecycle campaigns that deliver ROI.

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"Pencil's AI technology is capable of delivering refreshing data driven insights. We are excited to innovate together to fuel our precision marketing approach."

Inez Fun
Global Digital & PR Lead,

predict results

Trust your robot gut

Use AI that understands advertising to guess what'll work today. Add your own results data to build competitive advantage.

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"We leveraged Pencil's platform and saw a 20% improvement in content effectiveness and 24% reduction in production costs. This is the start of a great journey."

Anu Biswas
AMEA Regional Director for Digital Acceleration, Kellogg's

manage content

remix, repeat

Use AI to empower teams with the raw materials and guiderails they need to create. All while capturing the data needed to optimise your marketing.

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"We fell in love with the Pencil team the day we first heard the story. We're excited to absorb their platform into our workflow."

Sudipto Roy
Chairman, Unilever Team,

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The Generative Creative Platform

Work with algorithms to generate language and automate visuals that scale up the creativity.


Optimise CPAs by beautifully merchandising your product feeds and adding flair to your retargeting. Adapt and extend your creative teams' assets without breaking guidelines.


Build brand and improve ROI by personalising your digital marketing, all at a fraction of the time and cost of typical campaign workflows.


Improve account margins and bring clients joy by delivering high quality assets, at high volume, without pissing off your creative teams or sacrificing your creative product.

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Introducing Marketing-as-a-Service

Leverage AI to provide instant creative marketing services to thousands of stakeholders all at once.


Provide automated ad creation to every merchant on your platform, adding a new revenue stream to your business and improving marketplace effectiveness.


Give franchisees enough creative control and production horsepower to localise and optimise, while enabling them to be good brand stewards.

Marketing clouds

Instantly add AI to your workflow via API, fuelling personalisation and optimisation with machine-generated copy and predictions.

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let's liberate creativity

We believe that human-AI collaboration is the only way to unlock a future where people, creatives and brands all benefit from the coming wave of digital personalisation.

That's why we've chosen to release some of the AI tools we've built, for free, to the creative community.

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