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Use Creative AI to generate ads that get results.

Generate ads

Predict results

Improve ROAS

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Quickly and easily brief the AI in the same way you’d work with a human creative.

Upload brand kits with your own fonts, logos and colors

Auto-slice, auto-tag and auto-remove backgrounds from videos and product images

Input your existing product descriptions, offers and CTAs
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Click “Generate Ads” to do just that... dozens of unique video ads, including copy, in <20 minutes.

Auto-scale to a variety of mobile-first formats and durations

Auto-diverse concepts, layouts and narratives

Quick edit across multiple formats at once or use a familiar advanced canvas & timeline
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Every generated ad comes with a wealth of predictions and insights based on your own historic data.

Predictions for your actual audiences and working metrics such as ROAS, CPA & CTR

Easy to understand insights on "why it'll work" across 40+ actionable ad features

Auto-syncing with data from your Facebook Ads Manager account(s)
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Work alone or invite as many teammates as you’d like. Creating ads becomes fun, collaborative and effective.

Use comments to collaborate on each creative option

Download ads in .ZIP, .CSV or as hosted links in a Google Sheet

Export ads directly to a Facebook Creative Library or specific ad in Ads Manager
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"Pencil allows us to relentlessly generate and test dozens of new creative ideas and formats. For some campaigns, we've seen 2X ROAS performance and 5-10X efficiency gains. Creative AI is making us faster, better and already bringing costs down."

Rich Tubman, Co-founder, Sender

ai will be as fundamental to creativity in the future as the pencil was in the past

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