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       Brand safety and AI controls. Bespoke brand library, templating and animation language capture.

       Data ringfencing & “No Train” policy. No one else benefits from your proprietary data – we train bespoke models just for you.

       AI Magic Tools. A suite of AI magic tools allowing you to access the latest text, image and video AI models within Pencil itself.

       Enterprise-friendly terms. Users retain IP ownership of everything you upload, input and output from Pencil.

       Professional-grade editor. Pixel perfection across all assets - with an enterprise-grade editor for polishing final creative.

       Direct platform integrations. Integration with the major media platforms including Meta, TikTok, YouTube, Google Display and more.


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Feature Focus: Chat to Ads

In this Feature Focus video, Tim will give you an introduction to our brand new Chat to Ads feature. Using Chat to Ads, you can generate high-quality ad creatives in seconds and this video will guide you through how to get the most out of the tool with and without use of templates. You'll also get a quick rundown on how to use our game-changing floating toolbar to generate copy and images directly in the creative editor!

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Feature Focus: Static Templates

In this video, Tim will take you through how to create static templates to use when generating your creatives. You'll find out about all of the features of the editor and how getting your templates right can help you to generate the best creatives.

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Feature Focus: Text Generation

In this video, Tim demonstrates Pencil's new and improved text editor. We'll look at the features, how to generate strategy and copy using templates, how to add context using additional brand documents and how to export text as a formatted PDF.

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Skills Spotlight: Negative Prompting

In this skills spotlight, Tim shows you how to use negative prompting to hone your prompts even further.

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”Pencil has been a game changer for us. It’s helped us generate some of our best ever Facebook creative. The team kicks ass too.”

James Harding
Head of Growth, Lyka Pet Food