Your Weekly Pencil - September 8, 2021

September 8, 2021

Introducing Pencil's new Creative Assistant service - Sign up this week & get a free batch of video ads made using Creative AI

  • Creative Assistant gives you access to one. of our Pencil designers to generate a batch of 3 ready-to-go ad ideas in 5 formats in 24 hours - that's a total of 15 videos, ready to run
  • Just sign up and click on "Creative Assistant 👩🏻" in the platform and give us: a website URL (where we'll grab your brand/product info), at least 3 assets (images or video), and a short description of what you want in your ads
  • As always, you're still in total control and can make your own edits and generate your own ad ideas too.
  • Going forwards, the new Creative Assistant will be available as a paid add-on at $250 per month for 5 Assisted Briefs per month. We've set it up this way so we can deliver you a new batch of ads to test every single week.
  • More about Creative Assistant in the help guide here

Lovevery is our Ad of the Week - Playtime with a purpose, in an automated Facebook Ad!

  • Sometimes launching Facebook video ads is like raising kids - you do whatever you think is best for them and then launch them out into the world, and watch them stumble, learn and hopefully succeed!
  • Lovevery's goal is to help every parent feel confident, making sure their child’s needs are met at every stage with the right products designed by child development experts.
  • We chose their ad as this week’s best because all of the creative elements—the color palette, the copywriting, the music, and the photos, were all cohesive and reinforced the messaging of their branding—” playtime with a purpose”.

"The name of the game is speed, and I'm happy with it!" - 2 minute video - Jamie Morgan's personal experience with Pencil

  • When it comes to online schools, there are plenty, but New Skills Academy  distinguishes themselves amongst the competition with their comprehensive, high quality, and affordable online course availability. And in order to continuously market their courses--they use Pencil to create batches and batches of Facebook Ads.
  • "It's about the ease of use, the speed of the tool, the variety, and the fun you can have in it." - Jamie Morgan, Digital Marketing Manager, New Skills Academy
  • In this short video, Jamie really brings to life the excitement of somebody who doesn't consider themselves to be creative being empowered to make effective ads that drive sales

Something deeper

  • You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate


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