Your Weekly Pencil - November 5, 2021

November 5, 2021

How much $$$ are you wasting on ads? Read Chase Mohseni's latest analysis of 100+ brands, which shows that MOST brands spend MOST of their budget on ads that are actually "losing" - See the findings here

  • On average, brands allocated 66% of prospecting spend, 52% of retargeting spend and 44% of retention spend to "losing" ads performing below baseline
  • The best brands (1) tested ample new creative (2) monitored fatigue (3) graduated their winning tests ads into evergreen campaigns (4) turned off losing ads
  • The average brands (1) tested a large amount of creative but did not not monitor fatigue with much vigilance, allowing for performance leakage
  • The worst brands didn't test enough creative nor did they monitor ad fatigue, scale their winners or pause their losers

Pencil featured in Facebook IQ's Creative AI Sandbox - Try various Creative AI tools for yourself here

  • Ready to get your hands dirty? Take the next step on your journey with creative AI and see where your accelerated imagination takes you with this sandbox of tools and resources
  • AI is a powerful new addition to our creative palette, ready to reshape the worlds of business and art. Check out these sample tools across Visual art and graphics, Communication and Ad creative development!

Check out the thought process, ad creative and results behind how uses Pencil, including how they automate ads across 1,100 business categories while lifting CTR by  37% at 2-3x more revenue per click - Read the case study here

  • Bark is a world-leading service marketplace with over 5 million customers in 8 countries worldwide. This requires a great amount of paid media creative to be produced, and Bark only has a 2-person growth team
  • "We saw Pencil ads outperform our own ads in revenue per click by 3x...which is amazing, and in our most recent test, Pencil ads were doubling our revenue per click.. and we were seeing these metrics across the board."
  • "In the time it takes us to get 20 ads done on Pencil, we could get maybe 3 or 4 done manually."

Looking for a good sci-fi read that explores the concept of the metaverse (but isn't Ready Player One)?  - Try the Otherland series by Tad Williams


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