Your Weekly Pencil - November 30, 2021

November 30, 2021

Take a deep breath, you did it...💪


You're packing orders and shipping them out, what now? The holidays are still in front of you and we want you to finish the year out strong! Below you'll find data, frameworks, and news we feel will help you 🚀

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How does your data look?

  • How are your CPM's trending? We have seen brands see dramatic dips since late yesterday and today with between a 27-52% reduction in cost.
  • This is a result of reduced competition in the auction post BFCM.
  • Are you ready to leverage the opportunity for less competition with shoppers still in the market?  

Ad of the Week from Bark 📣

  • Why we love it 💜-> Versatile. Direct. Efficient. We have learned there is a tendency to over-explain value propositions, customers appreciate directness. Get to the point and close the deal.

Top Customer Insight

"I think one of the mistakes we've made so far is, would be testing all these different avenues of creatives, different angles, targeting different avatars and what that's resulted in this is just to confuse the algorithm. It that has no idea whom we're trying to go after"

Check out our 👉 LinkedIn post with a strategy on how brands find what resonates with their ICP through running ads.

New Signals

Top ROAS Performers QTD

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Something different 👉 we love this talk from Kurt Vonnegut on - The Shape of Stories


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