Your Weekly Pencil - November 22, 2021

November 22, 2021

Big week for us all...💪


We wanted to share some information we pulled together with BFCM knocking on your door to help you prepare.

Are your headlines optimized for BFCM? 🙏 Blog with full analysis here.

TLDR - Most Brands 👇

  • Write too much copy
  • Don't leverage their customers enough when writing
  • Forget to be conversational
  • Don't remind users to convert

CPM's 📈 this week. 🤪

We analyzed 23 scaled accounts and found that in the last week:

  • 83% of accounts have CPM's rising >20%
  • The range of CPM increase varied from 12% to high as 94%.
  • 17% of the accounts had a rise <20% WoW

Note: All of these accounts had spent> $1k in the last week.

How does your data look?

  • How are your CPM's trending?
  • A) If they are still not drastically different than your account baseline, you have an advantage over others and should double down
  • B) Allocate some spend to traffic campaigns for retargeting once BFCM is over. There will be less auction competition.

Ad of the Week from Sunnie 🌞

  • Why we love it 💛-> Bold Colors. Strong Assets. Direct Propositions. Performance can be that simple. The basics matter and we love this example of it.

Top Customer Insight

"We looked at our margin, and figured we could take a hit to get people in with free shipping, it's that time of year"

Check out our 👉 LinkedIn post with a strategy on how to work through this efficiently.

New Signals

Top ROAS Performers QTD

ROAS - 1119

Something different 👉 we love this Ted Talk about - The myth that inspired Lord of the Rings


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