Your Weekly Pencil - November 15, 2021

November 15, 2021

We wanted to share some information we pulled together with BFCM just around the corner to help you prepare.

CPM's 📈 The annual rise has started ahead of BFCM. 🤪

We analyzed 20 scaled accounts and found that in the last week:

  • 85% of accounts have CPM's rising >15%
  • the range of CPM increase varied from 15% to high as 80%.
  • 15% of the accounts had a rise <15% WoW

Note: All of these accounts had spent> $1k in the last week.

Are you ready?

  • You need ads that have been tested and have a signal of scaleability
  • Monitor fatigue if ads aren't performing optimally
  • Have a compelling offer, YOUR COMPETITORS do

Special Hacks

  • Be ready to spend post-BFCM -> auction costs will crater. 💰
  • If you have no new creative ready → duplicate a top-performing ad from the past but swap out the headline + primary text for your offer.

How should I be writing the headlines for my BFCM ads? 🧐 Blog with full analysis here.

Our question is have YOU optimized your copy yet to make sure it drives the highest impact? We analyzed 1,137 top-performing ads to find trends that would help you drive impact this year.

Why the results are important:

  • Every advertiser will be pushing an offer, but will they be anchoring that in the core principles that drive performance year-round?
  • this might help you unlock new ways to pitch the business you haven't tried and will be able to get a quick signal on (thank you scaled spends)
  • you might be focused on the wrong part of your value prop

Top Customer Insight

"We have a very complex product, it's hard to explain succinctly..."

Check out our 👉 LinkedIn post with a strategy on how to work through this efficiently.


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Something different 👉 we love this Harvard Business Review  article - Finding Joy at Work


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