Your Weekly Pencil - March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021

New Signals

  • The shoppable video trend continues to grow. Just last week, new livestream shopping app, WhatNot, closed $20m in funding showing potential after solidifying themselves with communities of collectors who are deeply engaged in this unique shopping experience.
  • Facebook and TheGovLab released a new 15k survey report on the power of virtual communities. TL/DR - the most important group in many of our lives is primarily online. Brands must consider how to utilize groups  to build community within any outreach strategy.

Free, exclusive content for Weekly Pencil readers - Mykim Dang's Production Guide for machine-generated creative (ebook)

  • Creative automation only works with good assets, so FB Creative Shop alum, Mykim Dang, has outlined how to plan, shoot and edit your videos. It’s packed with visuals and money-saving tips, and covers DIY budgets under <1$k with a mobile phone, up to $100k shoots. Plus a $1k Pencil discount for Weekly Pencil readers.

This week, we were wooed by PROJECTWOO - Watch this week's ad of the week here

  • LA tattoo artist Dr. Woo is famous for his work with celebrities like Drake and Miley Cyrus, and now there's a skincare brand, in collaboration with start-up lab c/olabworks. PROJECTWOO creates a unique brand experience by keeping its design consistent through all customer touch points—including its Facebook ads.

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  • We're excited to bring you a new stream of content that we hope you'll enjoy; beginning with the new Hey Pencil series! In a span of several videos, we answer questions like, How can I predict which ads will work in advance? and other problems that might be common to advertisers. 

Something deeper

  • The way we speak to our children, becomes their inner voice


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