Your Weekly Pencil - March 30, 2021

March 30, 2021

New Signals

  • “Vaccine marketing” has arrived. Brands like Uber, Drop, and Lyft are incentivizing consumers who show proof of vaccination. Most notably, Krispy Kreme now offers a free glazed doughnut every day during 2021 for everyone that gets the shot.
  • 80% of consumers expect brands to continue to offer online, virtual, and curbside services such as contactless payments, telehealth services, and online grocery shopping even after the pandemic ends. 
  • Unilever’s Dove aims to promote inclusivity in advertising by covering the cost of hiring diverse talent incurred by other brands. The "It's On Us" campaign is an extension of Dove's project to create an image collection that depicts a more inclusive “vision of beauty” for advertisers. 70% of women don't feel represented in media and advertising.

Eyetamins is our Ad of the Week because it tells you what it's selling in the first second - Watch here

  • We're big fans of Eyetamins, and in our eyes (sorry!) they deserve Ad of the Week because in the very first second there's a description of the product, made clear through a combination of text and UGC.
  • Many of the most effective Pencil ads literally 'Tell people what they're selling.'  Sounds too obvious? Take a look at your own feed now, and see how many ads don’t nail this in the first few seconds. The next time you test performance ads, try being as literal as you possibly can about what you’re selling. Why does this work? Because the algorithm uses signal from people who are interested in your message to go find more people that might also be interested. The auction punishes irrelevance, and the algorithm is tuned to find people interested in your message. 

With Pencil, you automatically get all 5 size formats  - How to make videos work across different aspect ratios

  • We've learned that nobody likes recreating ads in every single format—it just takes a lot of time. So on this week's installment of the Hey Pencil series, we've demonstrated that with Pencil, every ad you generate will automatically come in multiple formats.

Something deeper

  • To know the past is useful. To know the present is valuable. To know the future is priceless.


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