Your Weekly Pencil - March 16, 2022

March 16, 2022

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Pencil Is Now Live On Shopify! 🎉

What's different 👇

  • You can connect your Shopify store & Meta ads manager to quickly import brand, assets & data 🏃💨 (this is a HUGE reduction in time and effort!)
  • 7 Day Free Trial: Try AI ad generation, insights, and predictions here.

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Ad of the week 🤖 from The Pencil Company

We love this ad for two reasons (the first one should be obvious 😉) The second is the mixture of strong branding & UGC to tell a complete story that still drives towards a conversion objective! Check it out!

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 5.46.35 PM

Products we ❤️ Tolstoy

We usually don't share other products, but this one is too good to keep hidden! Looking to boost sales and bring more personalization to your store? Tolstoy is an interactive video platform that lets you easily create “choose your own adventure” style videos to increase engagement rates and drive conversions. You can share:

  • Eye-catching videos on your site to welcome visitors
  • Deliver personalized recommendations
  • Showcase your brand’s unique personality,
  • Even let customers buy directly from your videos.

It's also completely free to use - go check them out today! 👇 (PS -> we use Tolstoy across multiple touchpoints throughout ✏️)

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How to incorporate Testimonials into your marketing

Testimonial it UGC? Sometimes, but not always, depends on how you are sourcing. The reason why it’s so important? 50% of consumers trust customer reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family. Why this is potentially a bright spot for you → you have touch points across your business where your customers are interacting and sharing their experiences. You can use this to create content that helps close more sales for people who having high intent or no intent. Some examples: E-mail to customer service, review on amazon, IG comment, TikTok Mentioning the brand. These are all things you can use to create content that delivers the most important thing to your prospects: TRUST.

Brand building vs. Performance marketing

This is the eternal questions that teams argue about, what matters most? Brand or performance? Can both co-exist. Check out this fascinating debate between some heavy hitters from both sides of the aisle. And let us know where you fall on the question of Performance or Brand 😉.

Pinterest Unveils a Range of Shopping and Advertising Updates

Pinterest has announced a range of new updates and additions including in-stream shopping enhancements, promoted Idea Pins, improvements to its Pinterest Trends tool and more. The big addition of focus is ‘Your Shop’, a new, personalized shopping page within the app. Ideally, it’ll get more users tapping through on more products in-stream. The next big update: in order to streamline the next stage of the purchase process, Pinterest is also adding a new direct, in-app checkout option for Shopify merchants.

Meta Case Study: Thu Cuc International Hospital 🚀

  • Thu Cuc wanted to have a better way to communicate with their customers while keeping costs low.
  • They also were determined to expand how they communicate through creative.
  • Results: 27% Cost Per Message ❤️

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Thread of the week 🔥

Meta (erm, Facebook) is reducing the amount of detail targeting you can include in your campaigns. Check out this thread from Rahul Issar to learn about what that means 👇

  • Your campaigns with multiple interests will automatically get turned off
  • They are leaning into the conversion API
  • Dynamic Creative is showing great results on retargeting ads


Something different 👉

Amazing TED talk from Seth Godin about How to get your ideas to spread - because, come on, that's what we're all trying to do!


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