Your Weekly Pencil - March 16, 2021

March 16, 2021
  • Adidas announced a four-year strategy that calls for a shift to a DTC-led model in hopes that by 2025, 50% of their sales will come from DTC.
  • Do consumers actually buy products through social media? Hubspot data suggests that although 40% of consumers prefer to purchase through e-commerce sites, more than 50% have purchased at least one product on a social media platform; the majority being through Facebook at 36%.
  • “People want brands to do better”, according to a new FB analysis of 1k video ads. 54% of consumers still don’t feel they are fully represented. 59% of consumers said that they will be loyal to a brand once they’re able to develop ad campaigns that are diverse and inclusive.

New walkthrough video - See Creative AI at work in 5 minutes

  • "Every time you hit the generate button you get new and diverse concepts, with different copy, images, video, branding, animations and layouts for you to review and maybe test. Let's watch a few..."

4 pre-production tips for your next shoot - think modular, for variety and volume

Why not think of your productions as an opportunity to build out a modular library of assets you can reuse and remix over the course of time, rather than viewing them as “one and done.” - Get the full new ebook here.

  • Segment your shot lists. Create and group your production shot list by category rather than shooting sequentially.
  • From shot lists to storyboards. Take the time to translate your shot lists into quick storyboards to help you visualize the categories you plan to capture.
  • Compose your shots with MGC in mind. First, consider high contrast tone and lighting.
  • Think moments not minutes. Don’t shoot for a single storyline or narrative.

Something deeper

  • Get very clear about the next phase of your life


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