Your Weekly Pencil - June 25, 2021

June 25, 2021

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New signals

  • Instagram launched Reels ads across all regions. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri stated that Reels is growing steadily both in terms of how much people are sharing and how much they are consuming.
  • Facebook has added a range of new group admin tools, including an updated dashboard and 'Conflict Alerts' which, according to Facebook, will use AI to automatically detect and notify admins when there may be contentious conversations within their group.
  • Ikea is testing an interactive audio ad that acts as a two-way conversation, beginning with a message about sustainability and asking listeners whether they want to hear tips on how to live more eco-conscious lives. Answering "yes" will lead to three tips and a link to Ikea's website.

"Facebook Ads on Steroids" - 30-minute demo and deep dive video with Joris Bryon

  • Great Creative AI deep dive with Joris Bryon, European CRO expert, host of the Ecommerce Excellence podcast and founder of Dexter Agency
  • Joris has also kindly offered Pencilers a free PDF copy of his book "Kill Your Conversion Killers" (normally $19 on Amazon)
    • Leverage the psychological drivers that push prospects to buy

    reate and deploy friction-free design and UX

    • Confidently run meaningful A/B tests

    • Spot potential conversion killers at a glance

Chase Mohseni: Testing VELOCITY drives strong results - How to Create Ads that Learn to Perform

  • The faster you get in and out of tests, the faster you find ads that are going to win or lose, and the faster you're able to scale.
  • As you run ads, performance data flows back into Pencil from your ads manager—this is how Pencil creates ads that learn to perform.

Pencil is June 2021's App of the Month - Reviewed on Ecommerce Tech

  • ECommerce Tech is an unbiased review platform that helps merchants choose the right tech tools to grow their stores.
  • "There are some tools that help creatives build ads, and there are some tools that help copywriters write better ad copy. This is a layer on top of both of those solutions. Pencil is for testing multiple variants of creative in order to understand your top performers."

Something deeper

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