Your Weekly Pencil - June 2, 2021

June 2, 2021

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New signals

  • Prepare for Instagram Reels Ads in Canada, France, the U.K., and the U.S. This week, Facebook announced that its new ad format will be available in these four countries.
  • Heineken USA and Waze are partnering to reduce drunk driving using mobile advertising. Users of Waze in California will see Heineken-branded ads while on their way to social venues, such as parks, restaurants, and sports stadiums.
  • Google announced several expansions to Google Ads tools, including targeting model Customer Match, automated program Smart Bidding and performance tracking platform Performance Max. As Google phases out third-party cookies from its platforms, Google is expanding its data alternatives for marketers.
  • Microsoft Advertising has now rolled out Facebook Import, allowing advertisers to carry over their campaigns, ad groups, budgets, creative assets, and more from Facebook directly to the Microsoft Audience Network.
  • Instagram is considering a marketplace for NFTs, one-of-a-kind digital collectibles like memes and artwork. Earlier this week, artist Sean Williams tweeted that the app had reached out to him regarding a potential NFT product. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, confirmed saying, “For NFT artists, Instagram is often the platform of choice to showcase their work”.

What kind of ads should you really create? - 10 Facebook Ad Design Tips to Drive Performance

  • Learning how to create Facebook ads that convert is not easy, but we're here to help. Pencil has used AI to generate ads for thousands of campaigns for over 100 users and most of these ads have seen double ROAS when compared to brand baselines.
  • For all of these ads, AI learned which creative design elements drove the highest performance, so we summed them up in the article linked above.

A perfect ad for Perfect Snacks - How Trial and Error Makes for Great Ads

  • This week, we chose Perfect Snacks for Pencil's Ad of the Week. Even though new trends continue to make the industry more and more complex, one thing remains the same: When it comes to ads, the creative is the most important element. The ultimate goal of any Facebook ad is to catch someone's eye with the right combination of stunning imagery and good copy. And in our opinion, Perfect Snack's ad was a hit.
  • But as with every perfect thing, their ad wouldn’t be great without enough trial and error. With Facebook Ads, we recommend testing 5-10 variations a week to optimize for performance—you’d be surprised at how much higher your performance could be if you test more.

Something deeper

  • In seeking happiness for others, you will find it in yourself.


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