Your Weekly Pencil - June 15, 2021

June 15, 2021

New signals

  • As part of Instagram's "Creator Week" event, Adam Mosseri shared insights on best practices, algorithm changes, and new revenue models. He notes that leaning into video is good, with the first two seconds being crucial to hook viewers in.
  • Facebook is incorporating conversion modelling into the 7-day click attribution to combat the data loss caused by iOS14. Through this adjustment, Facebook will be able to report estimated conversions they are unable to observe currently.
  • According to reports, Facebook will release a new smartwatch next year. The move is part of a broader AR push.
  • The DTC brand Billie gains traction for rewriting classic fairy tales on Instagram for Pride. The campaign inserts members of the LGBTQ community into traditional narratives in order to make them more inclusive.

FREE - Probably the first ever MGC training module - Advanced FB Advertising on Linkedin Learning

  • Pencil has been featured in the Advanced Facebook Advertising course on Linkedin Learning. This course showcases advanced techniques to help marketers accomplish advertising and engagement goals.
  • Key message: “The most advanced Facebook advertisers are starting to experiment with machine-generated creative or MGC.”
  • Kudos to Michael Taylor, Founder at Saxifrage, and official Linkedin Marketing instructor for creating this much-needed course, and sharing the advantages of MGC within it.

Chase Mohseni shares his testing philosophy in 40 seconds - How often to test Facebook Ads

  • Facebook's analysis of test and learn strategies has shown that it delivers a 26% more efficient CPA.
  • Pencil recommends testing 3-5 ads per week via the Portfolio Approach that allows you to amortize the risk of your testing budget across a number of ads and never be overly dependent on one ad to scale your business.

Something deeper

  • Life happens very slowly and then very, very fast


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