Your Weekly Pencil - January 25, 2022

January 25, 2022
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How we sourced assets for our Brand?

You read that right, Pencil has started a brand, THE PENCIL COMPANY, and we sourced new assets to start it.  Read about all our learnings here.

  • Why did start the brand? To go through the same day-to-day process that our customers are going through growing their e-commerce businesses.
  • To openly share the trials and tribulations of getting a brand off the ground.
  • To give back to the e-commerce community, and open up the conversation around building a brand.

New Signals

Ad of the week 🔥from Lookback

  • Why we love it💓-> when you're starting a new company you want your prospects to understand everything about how much you can help them. What we love here is how Lookback communicates 1 value proposition very clearly and succinctly. The people interacting with this ad know exactly what they are in for.

Best Twitter Thread of the Week

From Sean Frank, breaks down how his brand increased their ROAS while scaling spend👇

  • Performance Creative - is the secret sauce that delivers value - not beautiful ads but hard-working conversion-focused ads.
  • Only 20% of the customer journey happens pre-click and forgetting to optimize where they land and what they consume in the last 80% is more impactful.
  • To fix your data and understand the impact of your efforts you can't use the same old systems that have failed you in the past (especially post iOS-14.
  • There's a lot more that's very practical so I suggest you check out the thread.


Something different 👉

The Huberman Lab podcast drops some 🔥about  The science of setting & achieving goals - this one is a bit long but worth the frameworks for setting short & long terms goals, broken down through the lens of neuroscience.


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