Your Weekly Pencil - January 11, 2022

January 11, 2022
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  • How Cameo is becoming a brand content source
  • Ad of the Week 🔥
  • Advice on how to spend your energy on Paid Social

New Signals

Ad of the week 🔥from Vice Reversa

  • Why we love it💓-> Branded, high-quality assets + the humanity of UGC make for a great recipe when explaining a complex beauty product like Vice Reversa.

Best Twitter Thread of the Week

From Barry Hott, we learn about where you should be spending your energy on ads👇

  • CPM's or CTR aren't always great indicators of a strong ad
  • Why turning off ads based on those signals can lead you astray
  • Know the outcome want so you know what metric to focus on
  • Make sure to read the thread & follow him for more tips.


Something different 👉

Choice Hacking breaks down The Rise of Nike - and how they used behavioral science to create an enduring brand.


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