Your Weekly Pencil - January 11, 2021

January 11, 2021

New Signals

  • 13% of goods sold or more than $100B of merchandise purchases during the holiday season will be returned in January, according to the NRF.
  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG) ecommerce grew nearly 66% heading into November.The boost was largely driven by food and beverage sales, which increased by 80% — a trend you can expect to continue as we head deeper into winter.
  • Over Christmas, global app spending reached $407M — a 35% increase over last year. 2020 was also the first time global app spending in total topped $100B.
  • The rise of ghost kitchens (AKA virtual kitchens) is allowing the food service industry to capitalize on excess capacity. The set-up opens up new micro-branding and ecommerce possibilities — even allowing YouTube stars to sell burgers

Three major updates to the Pencil platform - check them out here

To kick off 2021, we’re proud to announce 3 of your most highly-requested features. These updates will simplify and improve your experience generating machine-generated creative. We also launched a free trial with full functionality so you can test out the performance. Just apply for 14-days free trial here.

- Automatically fill your Brand Kit from a website URL

- Generate ads from UGC videos (including sound bite detection)

- GPT-3 copy generation!

New referral program - $200 for each friend you introduce

Now you can earn a $200 discount for every new subscriber that you introduce to us

- There's no limit to the number of awesome marketers and creative folks you refer, so please dive in and earn some referral discounts

- Just list out their emails in the Referral box in your account settings, even during your 14-day free trial. Ping me if you have any questions.

Something deeper

When you’re looking for the path, most of them will feel wrong. When you’re looking for any path, then almost all of them will feel right.


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