Your Weekly Pencil - February 23, 2021

February 23, 2021

New Signals

  • Despite the risk of putting millions into its first Super Bowl ad, DTC brand Dr. Squatch's gained the largest lift in market share in the beauty category at about 200%. The featured ad drew over 2.5 million views on YouTube this week.
  • Marketers are preparing for need-based shopping as winter weather worsens—in a “Seize the Freeze” 48-hour flash sale, Eastern Mountain Sports promoted discounts of 65%, while Nike touted its fleeces in an email to customers.‍
  • Will Clubhouse be the next social media platform for marketers? Consumers are flocking to the still-in-beta app, which surged from 600k users in December to 2 million in January. Brands too are catching on— last week, Burger King and Popeyes' parent company hosted an hour-long chat on the platform.

Pencil CEO, Will Hanschell, on Entrepreneur's Action and Ambition podcast - "How we built the world's most powerful creative AI platform"

Will talks about what led him to start Pencil. Here's an excerpt:

Q: Do you remember the moment where you said, this is gonna work?

A: Very early on, in the first few months of the company, Sephora let us generate lines of copy for their ads, and way more people clicked on them than before—between 10% and 70% more.

The best bone broth DTC brand, Best Bone Broth is also our best ad this week! Watch the video here

  • We're fans of BBB's Pencil ads, and we're fans of BBB themselves—and we're not the only ones. BBB generates plenty of UGC (user-generated content) because their customers are always raving about them on social media! Watch how they leveraged it in a compelling 10-second FB video ad.

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  • Wednesday, Feb 24, at 2:10 pm PST - I've been invited to deliver a showcase of MGC, along with 14 other awesome speakers

Something funny

  • I made a joke about Facebook organic reach, but nobody got it.


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