Your Weekly Pencil - February 19, 2021

February 19, 2021

New Signals

  • Offering free delivery and returns (as Amazon does on millions of products) is vital. Nearly 90% of Americans say this is an important factor in their decision making, according to a new survey by Attest.
  •  In 2020, looking at memes was the No. 3 social media activity — only listening to music (71%) and searching for coronavirus updates (67%) had higher rates, according to GlobalWebIndex.  Memes can be an inexpensive and powerful tool for brands to connect and engage with their audiences on social media.
  • Shopify now has more share of US retail e-commerce sales (8.6%) than Walmart, second only to Amazon (39%)

February update! Every month we share all our new features together - Will's February platform update

You told us what you needed, and we listened. Read the full update, or TL/DR

1. “Does this look right?” brand setup

2. One-click video editing for swapping copy, visuals, colors, layouts & animations

3. Insights into what’s lifting ROAS: messaging, visual tags, branding, first few seconds

4. BONUS! Also coming soon: 100+ new animations and 40+ new popular Facebook ad layouts

Congratulations to Aussie DTC subscription pet food brand Lyka, this week's MGC "Ad of the Week" - Watch video here

  • We're dog lovers and big fans of Lyka, and we also love their Pencil ads. Head of Growth, James Harding, and his team have been prolific innovators with MGC, and now in their latest ads they're taking experimentation to a whole new level! Watch the team eat their own dog food in this unmissable 17 second FB video ad.

Join us next week at The Future of Ecommerce: Marketing 2021 event free of charge - Sign up here

  • Wednesday Feb 24th at 2.10pm PST - I've been invited to deliver a short showcase of MGC and answer questions, along with 14 other awesome speakers

Something deeper

  • Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful // John Maeda


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