Your Weekly Pencil - February 15, 2022

February 15, 2022
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  • New TikTok Trends and their impact on the purchase journey

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Why Aren't My Ads Working? 🚀

Ads have a purpose, new customers, but it's one part of the puzzle. Here we break down how to measure what part of your flow isn't working.

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Ad of the week 🤖 from Property Finder

This Ad mixes human content, evocative imagery, and an app call-out all in less than 10 seconds. We'd click but maybe we're biased. 😎

Check it out!

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TikTok Shares New Insights into the Impact of TikTok Clips in the Purchase Journey

The new report provides fresh insights into the role that its platform plays in the evolving path to purchase, and how TikTok clips can change the way that brands and consumers interact.

Making sense of 2022’s ad spending narrative

A quick breakdown that demystifies many of the prevailing narratives of paid social advertising that have been making the rounds. 🤔

Facebook Removed Thousands of Detailed Targeting Options

Back in November, Meta announced that they would be removing detailed Facebook ads targeting options. Thousands of options were removed on January 19.

How We Created A Branded Website In 5 Hours

Check out the blog 👉 here. What you'll learn:

  • A breakdown of the time it took us to create each portion of The Pencil Company website.
  • Quick models of what to focus on for your new website, and how to move quickly.

Thread of the week 🔥

Are you losing money on the products you are selling?  Check out this quick thread from Ryan Rouse about the topic.  What you'll learn 👇

  • That not every order is a good order
  • Make sense of your unit economics
  • Bundling low-cost products help drive healthier sales for your business


Top Q1 ROAS Performers

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Something different 👉

An informative podcast about  How a Microbiome Company Runs a 7-Figure Ambassador Program - he breaks down how they run these programs in detail. Enjoy!


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