Your Weekly Pencil - February 12, 2021

February 12, 2021

New Signals

  • Contact-free shopping and delivery is a big new trend — Walmart recently partnered with HomeValet, the makers of a temperature-controlled smart box, to provide truly contact-free grocery delivery.
  • Digital versions of the in-store experience continue to proliferate — clothing brand H&M is partnering with an augmented reality provider to develop a digital fitting room.
  • Shopify dialed up social commerce, expanding its Shop Pay to all merchants selling on Facebook and Instagram. Shop Pay helped buyers complete more than 137 million orders in 2020, powering nearly $20 billion GMV since its launch in 2017.

5 principles to harness Creative AI - "How to consistently create new ideas that deliver results"

Pencil's founder Will Hanschell wrote another clever thing, based on ~100 brands and agency pilots. Here's the TL/DR

  1. It's not about variations. It’s about new ideas
  2. Ads are just noise unless they are meaningful
  3. Briefs have to be simple while offering control
  4. Minutes are the speed of collaboration
  5. Nothing matters if the ads don’t work

Congratulations to stylish DTC cookware brand Misen, this week's MGC "Ad of the Week" - Watch video here

  • We LOVE Misen, and we love their MGC ads. The visuals are compelling and perfectly showcase the functionality of the knife. The copy is simple - both in writing and typography - which perfectly complements the visuals.

Something deeper

  • If you'll miss them tomorrow, love them today


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