Your Weekly Pencil - February 1, 2022

February 1, 2022

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  • E-commerce Trends in 2022

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Pencil's Core Pillars For Growth?

Read the blog here. What you'll find inside 👇

  • What we've learned from hundreds of customers about how to grow a business.
  • Simple is better. Rinse, lather, repeat your process. Just do it faster.
  • Know your data, so you know what success looks like so you can invest more into the business.

New Signals

Best Twitter Thread of the Week

From Rachel Cantor, shares some thoughts on 2022 trends for e-comm she's witnessing👇

  • Consumer expectations from their chosen e-commerce are higher than ever.
  • Focus on solving the PROBLEM the customer has, not just your solution to it
  • Simplification is what the customers are looking for, the easier it is to understand your offering, the better.
  • There's a lot more that's very practical so I suggest you check out the thread.


Something different 👉

First Round Review gives some really practical advice on  The Art of becoming a better listener - this is centered around tech startups but all the lessons hold true for any type of business. Enjoy!


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