Your Weekly Pencil - December 7, 2021

December 7, 2021

In this newsletter you’ll find:

  • Why knowing your customer is essential to success 👊
  • How to source UGC organically for your business 🤳
  • What your website is missing and how it will affect your conversion rate 📈

Check out our new blog about why REALLY knowing who your customer is can be your brands SUPERPOWER 💪, what inside:

  • Learn the difference between ICP vs. Target Customer
  • Data & Insights from Pencil's own experiments to uncover who our customer really is
  • Your next steps to uncover yours

How to source UGC?

There are platforms you can use, but to do this consistently you will have to have a steady stream of content organically flowing directly through your door. But how? 🤷‍♂️👉Check out our Blog on HOW TO SOURCE UGC. In it you'll learn:

  • The Top 3 strategies we've seen brands use to make sure their customers are part of their marketing team.
  • Studies have shown UGC can have up to a 7x higher engagement rate when used by brands to engage their customers.

Ad of the Week from Audiomack 🎧

  • Why we love it ❤️-> Iconic Imagery. Strong Value Props. Slick Transitions. Know thy audience! Audiomack's quick, slick ad knows what matters to their audience, access and the imagery in the ad helps reinforce exactly what their prospects will be getting their hands on very soon.

Top Customer Insight

"The Ads are converting, but they're not converting, know what I mean? We get traffic, we get add-to carts but not conversions."

This is a common one we hear and something we're very passionate about.  Check out our 👉 LinkedIn post about how you solve it and give us some feedback about how we can help solve this together.

New Signals

Best Twitter Thread of the Week

  • From Growth Tactics, discussing the 3 main characteristics mistakes most online stores have in common
  • Discovery -> too many products too fast, the first 15 seconds on your site are critical, be precise.
  • Navigation  -> overburdening your navigation bar to fit your ENTIRE product suite aka users say ✌️
  • Conversion -> most websites don't have the basics down (reviews, comparisons, etc.)
  • Make sure to read the thread to get all the details, it's 🔥

Top ROAS Performers QTD

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 2.27.49 PM

Something different 👉

We found this Podcast Episode on Founder's Journal very valuable - How To Prioritize Time & Tasks (let us know which model you try)


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