Your Weekly Pencil - December 28, 2021

December 28, 2021
happy new year

We wanted to wish you a Happy New Year 🥂 and thank you for continuing on this journey with us! We'll see you in 2022!  In this newsletter you’ll find:

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Top 3 Pencil Blog Posts of 2021

  • How Much 💰are you wasting on ads? -> An analysis of how many brands are spending more money on ads that are driving sub-optimal performance and what you can do about it so you're efforts are helping grow your business!
  • How Long Does it take to 2X ROAS 🚀-> a framework that will help you deliver strong returns on your paid channels.
  • Finding Your Ideal Customer Will Drive Performance -> knowing who your customer is and what they need allows you to serve them better, but what if your initial hypothesis about who they are was wrong? Find some practicals tips on how to test out what resonates

Top 5 Creative AI Ads of 2021

  • Why we love them💓-> we'll keep this short. We love the DIVERSITY of these ads. Different categories, different target customers, one goal in mind -> communicating value and they did just that.

Top Pencil Case Studies of 2021

The Pencil Teams Favorite Product of 2021

  • Krisp -> a noise-canceling software for your laptop

Our Favorite 2022 Trend Reports

Top ROAS Performers QTD

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Something different

👉 The Atlantic's list of the 50 best podcasts of 2021 - if you are looking for something non-business related over the next few days.


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