Your Weekly Pencil - December 21, 2021

December 21, 2021

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  • A Creative AI report from Facebook IQ featuring Pencil
  • Best AI Ad of the Week
  • Creating Brand Loyalists from your holiday customers  📈

NEXT WEEK -> we'll be sharing a Special Best of 2021 Edition of your Weekly Pencil, keep your eyes peeled 👀

Facebook IQ 🧠 has featured Pencil in a new case study: 4 Ways AI Will Accelerate Creativity in Digital Advertising where you'll learn 👇

  • How brands are using creative AI to expand their business
  • 4 distinct use cases: Illumination, Generation, Augmentation, and Connection.

Ad of the Week from Lovevery 👶

  • Why we love it 💓->Visual Cohesiveness + Strong Branding. When objects look like they belong together, it sends a signal to customers that they can trust your brand. That's why Lovevery's Ad is so strong. Each visual, while in different settings, conveys a strong relation to the brand and the core value they are trying to convey to their prospects.

Top Customer Insight

"We're worried about our brand, everything has to be right for us to run an ad"

Check out our 👉 LinkedIn post about how you can your "brand" can be holding you back from actually growing your brand.

New Signals

Best Twitter Thread of the Week

From Matt Mullenax, sharing strategies on how you turn your customers acquired during this holiday season into Brand Loyalists 👇

  • Review your new cohort data -> learn the behaviors of your new customers or remaining prospects
  • Tailor your message the behaviors you've extracted from the above analysis to create a personalized experience for them
  • Interact and humanize the relationship with these customers, so they know your brand is in this for the long haul with them
  • Make sure to read the thread & follow him for more tips.

Top ROAS Performers QTD

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 7.19.28 PM

Something different

👉 We found this TED talk on the 4 ways sound effects us thought-provoking (let us know what you think)


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