Your Weekly Pencil - December 14, 2021

December 14, 2021

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  • A paid advertising spend calculator 🔢
  • Best AI Ad of the Week
  • Insights from the front lines of scaling a product solo 📈

Since you're planning 2022, check out our blog helping you model out how you could be spending on your ads 🚀

  • The model includes how AI drives the efficiency to be able to test more ads
  • What testing more quickly + efficiently can do to your margin
  • Direct Link to the model

Ad of the Week from Buckleband 💪

  • Why we love it 💓->Strong Visuals + Product Benefits. Buckleband is a new brand and they are focusing on what makes them unique and by communicating that directly, with premium-looking assets they are letting their audience know just how strong the quality of their products are. What are you communicating with your ads?

Top Customer Insight

"We want to have a more streamlined campaign structure so we can focus on creative, but every time we change something to test it out, our campaigns dip or don't pick up the budget"

Check out our 👉 LinkedIn post about how you can slowly shift your ad budget while not compromising what drives the most sales for you.

New Signals

Best Twitter Thread of the Week

From Zach Stuck, sharing his learnings about how to scale an e-comm product solo 👇

  • The main traffic source is FB/IG Ads
  • He believes creative is the signal greatest differentiator
  • Buy More, Save More Offer drives up AOV
  • Make sure to read the thread & follow him for more tips.

Top ROAS Performers QTD

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 12.33.39 PM

Something different 👉

We found this TED talk on the Paradox of Efficiency thought-provoking (let us know what you think)


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