Your Weekly Pencil - April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021

New Signals

  • The “Buy Now, Pay Later” trend is set to grow in Q2. As financial challenges persist, brands are flocking to make payments flexible, after a report that nearly 50% of consumers agree that they would spend up to 40% more if given said option.
  • Video remains to be the highest engagement driver on social media. According to a report by Merkle, 71% of people watch more video today than they did a year ago. 
  • 2021 continues to be a great year for paid social—according to a new Magna report, U.S. advertising revenues are forecast to increase to $240 billion in 2021 and for the first time, digital ad formats are expected to account for two-thirds (67%) of total ad sales.
  • After June 30, Facebook Analytics will no longer be available. Frequenters of the tool are encouraged to save all data before then, and begin to explore Facebook’s other tools: Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager.

Tired of writing copy? Watch: How to generate copy using AI

  • We understand how it gets tiring  to come up with 10 ways to talk about one product. So on this week's installment of the Hey Pencil series, we show you how Pencil automatically writes you new copy, based on your existing brand language.
  • Speak to your audience how they want to be spoken to, and your ad results will thank you.

Pencil brings speed, ease, fresh ideas and results to brands like Lyka  - Watch: How Lyka uses Pencil

  • "Pencil gives us the ability to generate ads quickly and more importantly, come up with ideas we might not have otherwise. It's been a massive win for us essentially." - James Harding, Head of Growth, Lyka Pet Food

Something deeper

  • Your direction is more important than your speed.


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