Your Weekly Pencil - April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021

New Signals

  • Live audio chat is on its way to becoming the next major content format. Although the trend started with Clubhouse, other major apps like Discord, Spotify, Facebook, and most recently, Reddit, are planning their own versions of the app.
  • The IAB just released its revenue report 2020 and finds that social media advertising reached $41.5B - 16.3% growth year-over-year. 
  • As social media continues to be a key place to interact with shoppers, retail is now the top FB advertiser by category. According to MediaRadar, the retail sector comprises 17% of all Facebook advertisers.

New ad for Bravo Sierra shows that AI + humans = Superhumans  - Watch the 9-second ad here

  • Bravo Sierra's VP of marketing, Kelly Burke, had the brilliant idea to run an internal competition to see who among their team can generate the best ad with Pencil. Surprisingly the ad that won was generated by someone who had the least experience with performance marketing!
  • "Why? She made the least edits and trusted the AI the most."

Decoding Facebook Ads with AdKings - Listen to the podcast here

  • How iOS 14 will impact Facebook advertising,  the use-it-or-lose-it dynamic in budgets for advertising, strategies for unlocking new audiences, and much more on the "Built to Scale" eCommerce episode with Darius Kunca of AdKings.

Exploring the intersection of creativity, tech and advertising. - Register to the Zoom Room here

  • Join us on a special episode of I'll Be Back South West this Thursday at 4 PM GMT to talk about all things AI and advertising with awesome hosts Kerry and Norts, co-founders of Tiny Giant.

Something deeper

  • Anxiety feeds off a future that won't happen


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