Your Weekly Pencil - July 6, 2021

July 6, 2021 (9)

New signals

  • Facebook just announced the 7-day click attribution window for ads will now include modeled conversions i.e. estimates.
  • Be aware of third-party “ad manager” apps. Facebook sued several Vietnamese residents for $36 million over a fake "ad manager" Android application.
  • In an Audio Room on Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg announced Bulletin, a new platform for newsletters. The site will allow writers and podcasters to publish content and build a subscriber base.
  • Sprite just launched a campaign that transforms scannable bottles into tickets for virtual hip-hop concerts and merchandise giveaways. The "Stage 1" and "Stage 2" bottles each grant access to its own hip-hop concert.

Trying AI for the first time? - 10 Best AI Marketing Tools

  • AI has proven beneficial to the marketing industry for years. Every day, new tools emerge that help marketers implement better, more personalized campaigns, while saving time.
  • So even if you're late to the AI party, there is nothing to worry about. You can quickly get started testing AI Marketing tools - and we've rounded up 10 of the best you can start using today.

How Pencil benefits small businesses - A Case Study for Best Bone Broth

  • We spoke to Saul Kropman, founder of Best Bone Broth to discuss why and how he continues to use Pencil to optimize his Facebook campaigns
  • "When you're in a small business, being able to focus on something that gives returns is an obvious choice. And knowing with a lot more certainty what choices you need to take are what makes Pencil most useful."

Something deeper

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