The Weekly Sharpener #96 Your retention marketing probably sucks 😛...

October 3, 2022

👋 Hey fam!  

I'm really excited to share this 👊 Sunday roundup with you!  

This week we dig into retention marketing and chop it up on Master Mind with Mandi Moshay (Founder @ Resident Consulting) - she shares her thoughts on how you should be thinking about retention marketing. 

A big topic we get into is how retention marketing is a bigger up-funnel activity than we might think due to all of the potential customers you are losing before they take a revenue-generating action on your site. 

She also shares how October is the month you should be focused on Audience growth so that you can focus on revenue growth during BFCM month. 

The next thing we dig into is how knowing your core demos platform of choice can lead to better marketing strategies. 

And finally, how to use DABA if you can extract the most value from it on Facebook ads! 

There is important info for you just, so keep scrolling. Excited to see you grow!



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A sneak peek from Episode 22 👀

I think a lot of brands just put a popup up then are like it's done and move on with their lives. Um, but the more that you can achieve incremental gains, even if you're getting a 1% uptick in your submission rate, it can be really huge for audience growth. Um, so really at the end of the day, The contacts that you capture in October are the people who are gonna convert in November.

You're not getting, for the most part, you're not getting new people coming to the site on Black Friday, signing up and converting that day. So it's really important to use October to try to expand your file as much as possible.
- Mandi Moshay - Founder @ Resident Consulting

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Content That Matters 🐐

Where Gen Z and Millennials Split on Brand Love

Why it matters: When you think about where to market, you need to consider WHO is the best customer. 

What Gen Z loves is different than what Millennials are interested in. This might seem like I have been harping on this a lot recently, but understanding what platforms & brands matter to different age demos can help you craft your strategy. 

Who is your core customer? 

Who is your adjacent customer? 

Let's just say you are for 18-24-year-olds but the next group is 25-34. 

That means you have multiple platforms you can use, but you should be focused on TikTok, with the ability to leverage it on your IG ads. 

Understand the brands that are creating massive value for their customers in your space on those platforms and breakdown how, at their core, they can work for your kind of products. 

To continue with the example, if you're a beauty brand for Gen Z --> check out what Fenty has done. Does any of it apply to you? 

Does your budget support it? Can you do YOUR version of it?

Going into BFCM + Holiday - are you ready to give your customers what they WANT/NEED?

Do a little research about what moves your customers and you might just find how you are going to market and monetize them! 

Thread of the Week 🧵

Why it matters: Do you have a catalog of ads? 

DABA = Dynamic Ads (for) Broad Audiences

Instead of retargeting visitors and dynamically showing them products they've viewed on your website, DABA targets users who have viewed products on other websites.

If you have a large catalog this strategy could work for you. Here are a few ways to leverage that Barry suggests: 

1. Products that are visually attractive/unambiguous OR unusual.

2. Products that require little or no education.

3. People can buy the product repeatedly.

4. Users are already shopping for the products elsewhere.

Are you using DABA?

Expert Strategy + Learnings

Some amazing learnings from thought leaders in DTC. 

Carl's CRO Tips 🙌

Check out this killer breakdown of what you should be doing for BFCM! 

The embed isn't great - I'm filing a bug 🦟 with Loom 😂

Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording SoftwareUse Loom to record quick videos of your screen and cam. Explain anything clearly and easily – and skip the meeting. An essential tool for hybrid

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Rahul's Paid Media Learnings 🤘

Common apps I see across 7-8 figure brands on Shopify: 1. Triple Whale2. Postscript3. Klaviyo4. Enquire Labs  / Kno Commerce5. Lucky Orange6. Recharge

What are you using to make your store run? Anything else that's better for a given category? 

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Creative Cuts ⚔️ - ICYMI

Want to learn about WHY the creative you love works and how you can leverage it 👇

Worth Your Time 💡

The top three retail and e-commerce trends set to shape 2023

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Paid Ad Diagnostic for when you're Ads are not converting
What are Shopify Audiences & How should I use them?

What are Shopify Audiences & How should I use them?

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