Win with copy this BFCM21!

November 10, 2021

This is the season of giving thanks and we are here for it! So here's a little treat for the community... 💝

We analyzed ~1,137 top performing ads to find the most common themes in their copy. We found 4 key things you can focus on, TODAY.


  • Most brands write too much copy
  • Most brands don't leverage their customers enough when writing
  • Most brands forget to be conversational
  • Most brands don't remind users to convert


  • We started with a dataset of ~10K ad
  • We focused on 1,137 top-performing ads performing above account baselines on CPA
  • We found 4 key trends across these top performers


1. Length of copy you write

💡 65% of top performing ads had 2-4 lines of copy

Why this matters:

  • Many brands think that they need to write 10-15 lines of copy because their product is complex
  • Shorter, punchier lines drive quicker conversion
  • Your website should be doing the heavy lifting of getting customers to understand true value of your brand's offering

2. Customer Efficacy matters

💡 42% of top performing ads included short customer quotes

Why this matters:

  • Your customers are your best marketing tool, their voice is more authentic than yours
  • They have a unique perspective on how your value proposition actually applies in the real world

3. Emojis make you human 💯

💡 54% of top performing ads use 🤩 emojis in their headlines

Why this matters:

  • We all sell products to humans, so ads need to feel human! Emojis make ads feel like one person talking to another person
  • We all use emojis in daily conversations with family, friends, and colleagues. When a brand does the same, it places prospects in a more personal space, easing the path to purchase

4. Remind buyers there's something to do next with a CTA

💡 71% of top performing ads include a CTA in their headlines

Why this matters:

  • If you're doing it right, consumers might forget they are even looking at an ad for your product! REMIND THEM!
  • Using a unique CTA can also help them understand what your product will help them accomplish
  • CTAs aren't always SHOP NOW, LEARN MORE etc. They can be unique... "You'll love how you feel", "It's time to make a change" etc.

What next?

  • Write short, punchy copy
  • Include Customer Quotes in a portion of your ads
  • Make sure to make it human with 🤝 emojis
  • Always remember to remind your audience of what comes next... SHOP NOW or otherwise

Good luck this BFCM season, we are rooting for you and as always if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Happy testing 🚀


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