Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing To Source User Generated Content (UGC)

December 3, 2021

The title says it all. UGC is on everyone's mind, how to get it and how to use it. We saw a list and wanted to break it down into a few actionable steps any brand can take to help themselves sustainable source UGC content without having to pay an arm & a leg.

Before we get going, why is UGC so important 👇

People across ages and demographics just trust UGC more. The opinions are considered unbiased and genuine. In fact, almost half (47%) of millennials and 36% of baby boomers trust UGC whereas only 25% of both demographics say they trust branded content.

1. Create a branded hashtag 🙌

Vuori uses #therisetheshine which customers use regularly when posting social content.

When you search for this on Instagram, you can see thousands of photos from Vuori customers.

When customers tag Vuori on these posts, Vuori will sometimes features them on their own social channels.

The variety the customers create are endless and unique for your to pull from to leverage on your social channels. It also signals to customers that they are part of a community where they are a valued member.

2. Show off other UGC in your post-purchase email flow 🌟

Send a post-purchase email thanking the customer for shopping with you. (You do that already, we know, but do you do this 👉) In it, ask them to share some UGC when they get their order of them rocking your product on social media and tag your business or use your hashtag.

You can also ask them to simply respond to your email or send them a link to upload content directly.

For example, regular purchasers of Three Ships get sent a post-purchase email about "joining the fleet."

In this email, customers can scroll down to see tons of UGC and learn about the benefits of becoming more involved in the Three Ships community.

The commissions+perks for joining help encourage more UGC to be shared. Continuing the flywheel.

3. Send free products to micro-influencers 🎁

The suit shop team reached out to Diego, offered to fit him, and he was so impressed with Suit Shop’s off-the-rack suiting that he made a video about five ways to wear a three-piece suit. 🤯

He has since used the suit multiple times. The lesson: treat people with respect, show them the value of your product, and the gift will keep on UGC! 

To Note: Don’t ask them outright to post sponsored content, but for on-brand influencers/creators offer them a free sample of your product based on a post they share.

Maybe we'll doing another post soon...😈🙌


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