Top 10 Tools for Getting User-Generated Content for Advertisements

October 17, 2022

The influencer marketing niche is big and only getting bigger. Every year, the ever-changing social media landscape brings about innovative ways brands can develop authority and expertise to engage with their potential customers. But influencer marketing isn't the only way to generate new leads. In an era where users are happy to rave about your brand online, UGC is quickly becoming an essential part of any content marketing strategy.

According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of consumers prefer organic, user-generated content over traditional advertising. UGC is perceived as authentic, unbiased, and created by consumers who genuinely appreciate the offerings of a business.

What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is any content created by users of a product or service to promote your brand. It can be anything from customer comments, reviews, and testimonials to social media ads, including user-generated vlogs, podcasts, and forums.

Organic user-generated content acts as social proof that can help you expand your social reach, build a loyal following, instill trust in your target audience, and boost SEO value. Although brands do leverage UGC for ranking, most, if not all, photos, videos, and posts you consume online are streams of collaboration between a brand and its users.

How to Use UGC for Next-Gen Marketers

When you put a ton of effort into a piece of invaluable content, you want to milk it for all it's worth. One of the most popular ways of reaching a new audience is repurposing or reformatting evergreen content. Most content creators are excelling at repurposing UGC, such as sharing customer testimonials, endorsements, hashtags, and brand-inspired info across various social networks for their own benefit.

Others opt to create new visual pieces of UGC to share on Instagram, Facebook, or other networks that are relevant to their brand. Irrespective of your content and offerings, video is effective in creating UGC ads. User-generated videos offer original perspectives on your products and services. Moreover, they have great shareability potential and even better chances of going viral. This can help you build brand credibility and boost your following.

No matter the company size, brands can benefit from UGC for advertisement to drive awareness, boost conversions, expand their social reach, and cost-effectively grow their business. UGC videos can be made from online customer reviews, photo dumps, and blog posts. If you're lucky, you can also find videos your customers have filmed.

Here are the top three ways to shoot UGC videos yourself and get results;

  • Build brand awareness and generate organic traffic to your site by holding contests and giveaways to reach an untapped market segment in your niche.
  • Allow customers to tell their stories by requesting them to send in their edited videos or other instagrammable content.
  • Rather than use your product on a model, engage your target audience by adding visually-appealing UGC elements to your website's product pages to showcase various features. Show customers how your products would look on them.

UGC video content humanizes and personalizes your brand. So, take the time to understand your audience and their needs to ensure you create content that resonates with your customers in an authentic way that helps them find value in your products.

10 Powerful Tools for Generating UGC for Ads

UGC marketing is undoubtedly a trending marketing strategy that's giving great results to brands, but it can be a hefty task without the right tools. Consider using these top 10 tools to get converting user-generated content for your ads;

1. Yotpo: their reviews, rewards, and visual UGC system help businesses create engaging shopping experiences with real customer photos and convert customer reviews into sales.

2. Bazaarvoice: the platform helps you identify real-time purchase intent, provides online and offline data on shopping behavior, and allows you to collect top-tier UGC content from your target customers to use in your ads.

3. Olapic: this is an all-in-one UGC, short-form video content, and influencer platform that helps you create optimized content at scale to share across all your marketing channels.

4. Mediatoolkit: this monitoring tool uses real-time analysis dashboards and powerful search filters to track trending topics, find relevant influencers, track mentions in any language, and more.

5. ShortStack: this digital marketing platform can be used to run social contests and send emails, including analyzing user engagement, lead collection, and marketing automation.

6. Taggbox: you can create a social feed and embed it in your event with the Taggbox widget or use their UGC platform to present videos, customer reviews, hashtags, email campaigns, etc.

7. TINT: this social media content display tool helps content creators generate greater brand awareness and sales conversion with authentic user-generated content that drives a high level of engagement across numerous marketing campaigns.

8. Pixlee: you can automatically source UGC videos and get the rights for various images using a specific hashtag, which can then be converted into engaging and high-converting brand creative posts on social media.

9. Fresh: like the beauty brand, you can leverage Instagram video games and TV to create UGC videos or utilize stories, in-feed videos, and reels as social selling tools.

10. Wyng: this privacy-first personalization platform allows brands to collect UGC and then use the aggregated content to create image galleries, product detail pages, shoppable experiences, and ad creative, among others.

Using AI to Improve UGC Results

With the understanding of what user-generated content tools can do for your brand, it's time to maximize the effect of UGC marketing with AI. When applied intelligently, AI's powerful algorithms can help next-gen marketers find quality visual content from a massive pool of creators. And then, with incredible speed and accuracy, distribute the UGC content where it'll make the most economic impact.

The right AI can help guide and automate choices that give brands the means to obtain a high-converting UGC at scale. Engagement metrics and machine learning have taken the guesswork out of marketing. They continue shaping how brands and consumers interact with UGC content.

Advertisement teams can use AI-based collaboration tools to share files and images, analyze millions of customer comments, use social listening to source and sort common customer questions, and more. Creative AI's main objective is to reduce the time and cost of creating content to ensure it performs better for businesses. Try Pencil to make regenerate UGC for your advertisements.


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