The Weekly Sharpener #97 Want more AOV? You need to do focus on a few things...

October 10, 2022

👋 Hey fam!  

I'm really excited to share this 👊 Sunday roundup with you!  

This week we dig into Conversion Rate Optimization and chop it up on Master Mind with Carl Weische (CEO @ Accelerated) - he shares her insights on how you should be thinking about CRO and your websites going into BFCM. 

He spells out the core 4-5 optimizations we should be making across all of our pages and what we can be doing to drive higher AOV funnels. There's so much value, you need to make sure to check out the episode! 

Also, we get some thinking from Alex Greifeld on how to be looking at your Facebook ads, which might just help you create better ads.

Finally, we look at some great ad hooks that can have been massive drivers for their brands. 

If that sounded interesting to you, imagine if you keep scrolling. Excited to see you grow!



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A sneak peek from Episode 23 👀

Let's say we have these three different funnels and then we have different cross-sells and upsells, right? Yeah. We have one with like three, We have four of two, and we have one with five beforehand.

We don't really know, shall we not really have too many? Right. Maybe they're getting annoyed, Shall we? Just one bar. 
Then with cross sets and offsets, you don't know beforehand, so this is where everything gets together, right? 
You can test these three different. And then for example, doing Black Friday, seven Monday on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday you can get the data and then doing Thursday and Friday, when you scale up the traffic, you can allocate all of the traffic to the best performing funnel.

- Carl Weische - CEO @ Accelerated

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Guest Content 🐐

Alex Greifeld, the amazing writer of No Best Practices (subscribe here) shares some amazing insights 👇

Something that all marketers should understand as we approach #BFCM

Facebook Ads don't create demand!

If they don't create demand, then how are FB Ads so effective as a customer acquisition channel? Here's how:

Facebook Ads intercept existing demand...for other brands' products.

To illustrate how this works, let's look at the phases of the buying journey for a hypothetical women's sneakers brand.

Phase 1 = Customer is in your total addressable market

Jane is a woman who wears shoes

Phase 2 = Customer is "in market"

Jane has disposable income and feels primed to go shopping

Phase 3 = Customer is aware of a specific need

Jane could use a new pair of shoes, browses three footwear websites

Phase 4 = Customer has narrowed down options

Jane has decided on sneakers, has 2-5 top choices (added them to various eCom shopping carts)

Phase 5 = Meeting objections

Jane thinks she knows which shoe she wants, but has a few reservations.

Phase 6 = Closing the sale (self explanatory)

Due to a wealth of data, Facebook is really good at identifying customers in phases 2 through 4. You bid on the chance to convince these customers that your product is the one they should buy.

But how did those customers get into phases 2-4? Probably due to the higher funnel marketing of some other brand.

But, if you're going after massive scale, you'll eventually reach every customer who is currently "in market" and in your TAM. At this point, your paid social performance will decay.

You'll have to invest further up the funnel to broaden your TAM, or push more of your TAM in market.

Why it matters: Have you stopped to think about what phase of the buying journey your ads are actually helping customers move into?

What that does for the momentum of a sale? 

If we are looking at it through the lens of Alex's breakdown - we need to make ads that know the customer: 

  • Is in market
  • Has a specific need
  • Knows their options

If you know this - you can skip the fluff of too much explanation - that job belongs to your landing page.

You need to convince them your product answers for their NEED significantly more than the other options they are considering.

TLDR: Create ads that target the exact need of your customer in a way that is emotional, so that they have momentum as they get nearer to the purchase moment. 

Thread of the Week 🧵

Why it matters: You need to have a catalog of hooks that you are constantly testing. These variations have been tested and created. Why not just accept the value? 

This entire thread is gold, with hilarious examples. My favorite is number 3. 👇

Something that's harder than the objectionWe read lots of comments from people who didn't want to fill out the client 3 min survey because it's too hardSo we called out everything harder than that and showed it visually.

Objection handling can be done in a tongue-in-cheek way that actually engages. If you have an ask for a prospect, like a survey...point out what's harder than a survey. 

This tactic is exactly what we all do on pricing page. Place the right answer in between 2 mediocre choices so are psychologically driven toward our desired outcome. 

What hooks are you using?

Expert Strategy + Learnings

Some amazing learnings from thought leaders in DTC. 

Carl's CRO Tips 🙌

Use Persuasive CopywritingCopywriting needs to be appealing, precise, and actionable. How To: - Survey customers- Understand common pain points & desires- Use their slang and language pattern

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Rahul's Paid Media Learnings 🤘

This is a fun one about your favorite topic - ad creative 👇

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Creative Cuts ⚔️ - ICYMI

Want to learn about WHY the creative you love works and how you can leverage it 👇

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