The definitive creative stack for DTC brands in 2023

This is the definitive creative stack all DTC brands should be using in 2023...

What is a creative stack, you might be asking?

It is the apps you should be using to have the most beautiful, efficient, and scaled ad creation, testing, and analysis system.

Why does this matter?

In 2023, brands are facing major challenges in terms of economic headwinds + changing platform costs. That means you need to be equipped with the best tools possible to power your brand.

On the advertising side that means know what's working, how to make more of it, creating it, and measuring it.

Which leads us to the mighty creative ad 👇

1. Foreplay- Ad Inspiration

  • You can spy on other brands ads + save the ones you like to share with your team. The speed at which you learn about other brands is insane.

2. Air- Asset Management

  • Dropbox isn't great and you need something that is build for creative teams. The search for assets function is magical and the pricing is incredibly competitive.

3. Pencil - Ad Creation

  • Create winning ads 10x faster with AI. We have you our own tagline on our own site. But really, why would you not want winning ads faster?

4. Triple Whale - Ad Attribution + Ad Buying Automation

  • This is our go to attribution software + they've added a very slick ad buying automation tool that will help you get back time and make more data driven decisions.
  • the dashboard alone gives you such an easily digestible view of where your business stands you can go and deep dive anywhere.

5. Motion - Creative Insights

  • Want to know WHY your ads are working? Motion does a nice job of allowing you to understand what elements are working so you can double down or try something new.

This is list for ALL brands - there are more expensive products, but this is a stack that you can use if you're going 10k in monthly revenue or 10M and your results will be strong.

Each one of these accelerates your time to value and allows you to focus on growing your business 🚀


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