Small experiments, big results

October 27, 2021

Volume, Variety, Velocity is what we preach and what we deliver to our customers. In the algorithmic media landscape of the future, the 3V's will help you win the day in the battle to grow your business when it comes to paid ads.

The question is this - how to execute on the 3V's when you don't have enough raw material? Does this sound like something you have asked yourself? Here we focus on one often-overlooked tactic for volume, variety and velocity that even the most resource-strapped brand can execute.

We're talking about variations of the humble copy line.


  • You don't need completely new raw material to have a big impact when creating ads
  • Changing only the copy line in your ad creative can double CTRs and halve CPCs
  • Within a copy line is an entire universe - an idea - that may disproportionately resonate with customers
  • Once you've found what ideas work, you're better equipped to build your brand and steer your business strategy


  • Instead of pulling client data, we decided to dog food this process ourselves with Pencil ads
  • We ran the same creatives in two different prospecting campaigns
  • The campaigns had two different objectives (1) traffic (2) leads
  • Broad Audiences (25-60), US/CA, UK, AU
  • Primary Text & Headlines remained constant, only signal variables were tested, COPY ON THE AD
  • Total Budget > 5k (reached stat sig)


Is AI ad generation about "Growing fast" or a "Secret weapon"?
Are AI predictions about "Learning from your best" or "Making growth predictable"?

What we learned

  1. Testing copy can strengthen your relationship with your customers by pitching your business in multiple ways and seeing what they respond to
  2. This approach excises a lot of noise from your tests, bringing clarity and actionability
  3. In our case, we took away a few key insights. First, we were able to double CTRs and more than halve CPCs by talking about AI ad generation as a tool to create competitive advantage, a "secret weapon", rather than a tool everyone uses. Second, we were again able to double CTRs and halve CPCs by talking less about AI predictions and more about learning to improve.

What to do:

  • You are testing or you wouldn't have gotten this far, so carve out some budget and test this approach
  • Create 2 ads, then duplicate and layer in copy that contains a new way of pitching your business you've been wanting to try
  • Measure KPI's (CPC, CTR, CPM) to get a quick signal for what these tests will mean for revenue-driving conversions, then scale the winners

As always, please reach out so we can chat about it. We're here to help you grow! 🚀


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