Pencil’s New Referral Program

January 9, 2021

First, a massive thank you to all our users who have already introduced their friends and colleagues to apply for a trial.

Pencil generates ads that learn to perform, delivering the return on ad spend that helps brands scale their businesses, and today we’re announcing a new Referral Program to help spread the love to more brands and agencies.

It’s really simple. For every person you refer, you get $50 off your next invoice when they sign up and become a paying customer. They get $50 off too. You can refer as many people as you like, and you can even start doing this during your free trial.


Here’s how to start referring:

  • Once you’re signed up, click “Refer" or "Rewards" in the main menu
  • Enter the email addresses of the friends you’d like to refer
  • Your friends will receive signup emails from us
  • Once your friends become paying customers, you both get rewarded

We hope you have as much fun referring friends as you do generating ads and getting ROAS!


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