Pencil's Marketing Playbook #1 with Charley Tichenor

In episode #32 of Add Creative I sit down with Charley Tichenor - founder of Disrupter School. In this playbook we will give you the top things we learned from Charley.

Here is the episode if you want to check out the full conversation or if you're into YouTube 👇

Key for terms:

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition

LTV - Lifetime Value of Customer

ROAS - Return on Ad Spend

CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impressions

AOV - Average Order Value


Running Facebook ads or any paid media. Especially optimized in the CPM environment of paid media, and by that I mean Facebook ads, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, et cetera.

Although YouTube's a blend and so is Pinterest, the job of that platform is not to make or break the business. And if the business makes or breaks by the media buyer, you are already dead in the water.

The job of an optimized CPM environment is to amplify the inflection point of a successful business model.

What we learned: Know what paid media can/will do for your business before you start running ads and thinking they are the only thing that will save your business.

They can amplify and scale what's already there but the fundamentals matter.


Why are you promoting three offers?

Which offer has the best margin between CPA and LTV?

Do you know the answer to that?

If not, figure that out. And then, which offer has the most repeat buyers?

Which offer allows you to spend your money in a way that gives you high enough volume on one or two extra purchases?

Then you can now worry about the AOV of those purchases and the conversion rate of each one of those journeys so that you can start to worry, you don't have to make money today. Cause you know you're getting two or three more stacks of cash coming in off of that customer journey.

So maybe you lose 20 cents today because you know that customer's gonna come back 3X over the next six months.

Why are you promoting a second product?

Very few businesses are spending so much money that they need to focus on amplifying something other than the best investment for their business.

And my point is if you're investing in the stock market and one business goes up 20% every month, another one goes up 5%.

My point is, you are working harder to do a worse job.

And the reason the business isn't growing is cuz you're still focused on today and your value as a media buyer, your value as a growth and acquisition professional needs to be to understand the value of a customer journey and most effectively figure out how to.

Amplify the volumes of customer journey at a profitable level.

Lower volume might need higher profit.

Higher volume might mean lower profit and get more and more touch points.

If you can have more and more touch points with the customer and establish a more desirable balance between volume and margin.

That's a wrap - follow Charley and continue learning!


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