Ad of the Week - Perfect Snacks

What is your idea of a perfect snack? For us, we think a perfect snack is one that is delicious, healthy and can give you the energy you need to go about your day. And so, aptly-named Perfect Snacks has become the leader in fresh snacking because of their commitment to using quality, whole-food ingredients. Perfect Snacks are high in protein and made with zero emulsifiers and preservatives—so fresh, they’ll need to be left refrigerated.

And as they’ve perfected snacks, they’ve perfected their chosen ad as well—which is why we chose them as this week’s ad of the week! Watch the 7-second video below.

We liked their ad because it was aesthetically pleasing; the visuals were on-point with what you’d expect from a snack brand. We particularly liked the use of pastel colors— their toned-down, visually appealing appearance has given them a lasting popularity in graphic design.

Even though new trends continue to make the industry more and more complex, one thing remains the same: When it comes to ads, the creative is the most important  element. The  ultimate goal of any Facebook ad is to catch someone's eye with the right combination of  stunning imagery and good copy. And in our opinion, Perfect Snack's ad was a hit.

But as with every perfect thing, their ad wouldn’t be great without enough trial and error. With Facebook Ads, we recommend testing 5-10 variations a week to optimize for performance—you’d be surprised at how much higher your performance could be if you test more.

With Pencil, you have the ability to push batches of 5-10 Ads directly into Facebook Ads Manager to run small-budget tests each week. You can then scale your high-performers, and repeat to find new winners.

So stop trying to guess the winners, and let your customers vote with their thumbs. Turn creative variety into a system of competitive advantage and try out Pencil for free today! Sign up for a free trial here.


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