Ad of the Week - Woo

Woo is a product development studio with a mission to create everyday goods that help people live fulfilling, creative lives—starting with skincare.

Led by the most sought-after tattoo artist in LA, Dr. Woo explains, "this skincare project is something close to my heart. Beyond just tattoo aftercare, it’s life care and creating a clean, sustainable product that speaks to me, and I know will speak to others."

Their goal is no easy feat, but despite this, they've gained a lot of success already—amassing thousands of followers on Instagram. How? They leverage the already-household name of their founder—using his story to create a unique brand experience for their customers.  

As you watch the 15-second video above, you'll see that they've used said branding consistently. The colors, fonts, and tone of voice beautifully demonstrate who they are as a brand—making them remembered by their customers and not to mention setting them apart from competitors.

This is why it's important to establish branding—people like to do business with products and services they're already familiar with. Keeping your branding consistent on all touchpoints is key.

Pencil can help you do so. All you have to do is brief the tool by loading up your brand elements (logos, fonts, colors) and it will generate a batch of ads that are consistent with your brief. Strong, creative ads that are on brand = brand recognition = greater value for your products and services!


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